Recent Work

IT'S COMPLICATED, 2021, 38"h x 120"w, acrylic/enamel on canvas

TENDRIL IN RED, 2020, Lino print & watercolor, 4" x 5", unique 1/1

BLACK AND WHITE, 2020, 36" x 48", acrylic & enamel on canvas

TENDRILS #8, 19" x 27", acrylic on canvas, 2020

IT'S HOW I FEEL, charcoal on paper, 2020
48"h x 72"w (122cm x 182cm)

TENDRIL #5, 2020, 36" x 36", enamel on canvas

"MUSICAL, I", 2020, 36"h x 84"w, acrylic/enamel on canvas

"MUSICAL II", 2020, 36"h x 84"w, acrylic/enamel on canvas


THE SIGNATURE, 2020, 36"h x 90"w, Charcoal on paper

TENDRILS #4, 2020, 24"X 24", acrylic/enamel on canvas

TENDRILS #14, 2021, 24" X 24", acrylic/ enamel on canvas


My new series of works in 2020-21 focus on the intricacies of movement and expression. Tendrils of grapevines are still the basis of these works and their connection to our human experiences (‘searching’, ‘grasping’, ‘entanglement’, ‘bonding’ and more). Exploring them on this ‘colossal’ scale is an exploration of their monumentality as I see them.