Sculpture - 2018-2020

RITUAL, 2019-20 - plaster, wood & mixed media, 11ft high

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, 2020 - Mixed media outdoor sculpture, 9 ft high,

eTENDRIL, 2019, flex electric cable, 6"h x 14"w x 5"d

"Dance #3" -Variation, 2020 - sculpture slide show

TIME CAPSULE, 2020, NY Times, plastic & mixed media, 30"h x 72"w x 30"d

MUSICAL TENDRILS - maquette for outdoor large scale sculpture, 2020, steel & brass, 12"h x 48"w x 4"d


My obsession with vines and their tiny tendrils prompted me to experiment with different materials as well as scale. I see a monumentality in these complex twists and tangles as well as metaphors for human experiences.