Vietnam Project October 2016-Dec 2016

Bamboo installation at Muong Studio (6' x 14'), 2016

Bamboo sculpture intallation at Heritage Space Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

Installation at Muong Studio, Vietnam

Bamboo sculpture installation at Heritage Space Gallery in Hanoi,

Sculpture based digitized image

My most recent work in Vietnam with bamboo sculptures produced at the Muong Studio AIR along with the color edited digital images. Some of the images were used for a dance production at the Heritage Space Gallery in Hanoi.

Link to the exhibition and dance… — Exhibition images and TV interview


Artist Statement -The most important development in my recent work has been the cross disciplinary projects incorporating projections of my sculptures with choreographed dance movement. This new direction has allowed me to incorporate other sensory experiences into my work. Movement and sound and color are added emotions woven into the narrative. Analogies and metaphors, rooted in earlier sculptures, are now part of my experimentation with multi sensory collaborative projects.