MassMoCA Residency Work-2015/16

MassMOCA #1 – Sculpture based digital print
20" x 30" – 2015

Duet #3- sculpture/drawing based digital print
20" x 30" -2015

Boiler House (M/M # 7)- Sculpture based digital print- 20" x 30" – 2015

Ritual # 18 – Sculpture based digital print
20" x 30" – 2015

Sarah Slifer Swift in collaborative dance project

Alexandra Krstic at Williams College-Feb/2016

Marla Robertson at Williams College- Feb/2016

An extension of my current sculptural works is my collaborative series of dances which are performed with projections of my sculptures.
The first group of dances were practice only works with the intention of both staged finished works as well as film.


Artist Statement – Feb/2016

My earlier sculptural experiments have evolved into explorations across mediums. I’m fascinated with the language and movement originating with my original works. I enjoy creating ‘conversations’ and exploring the spaces created in the compositions. In a sense I’m drawing in a three dimensional form. Further experimentation with collaborative performances have opened yet another form of expression to my sinuous and unpredictable ‘tendrils’. I’m applying these new images to cultural influences in both movement and sound.